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Located between Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is one of the most fascinating and the highest navigable lake in the world. It is situated at a very high altitude, at over 3800 meters above sea level, and a tour at Titicaca is definitely an unforgettable experience for any visitor.


Arrived at  Puno at 5 am.  You will be  picked up at the bus station by our guide transfer tour operator and you will be transferred and brought to the office on the seaport.  You can relax here, take some pictures of the sun coming up over Lake Titicaca, or leave your luggage safely in the office and do a little exploring of Puno in the early morning.  Note: Most things don’t open until 7am.

*Suggestion: Breakfast at Ricos Pan on Moquegua, which opens at 7am, and you can get to by motor taxi for one sol per person

You will need to be back at the port at 8am, where you will load the boat to the islands.  The boat will depart 8:20-8:30am.  The first stop will be the incredible floating islands of Uros.  Here you will walk on literal floating islands, and there will be a small lesson of how they are created and what life is like on the islands.  Then you will have an opportunity to walk around the island and take pictures of the different structures, as well as look at some of the handicrafts they make and sell.  Next will be a 3 hour ride to the island of Amantani, arriving at approximately 2pm.  Here you will meet your host family, and be taken for a small rest and have lunch with the family.  After lunch you will be take up to the path that leads to Pachatata and Pachamama, the highest points on the island.  From Pachamama, you can watch the sun start to set, before heading down for dinner.  You’ll need to be back to your home by 6:30 to get ready for dinner at 7.  After dinner there will be a fiesta to enjoy with your host family and other folk that live on the island. Spent the night at host family.

Breakfast with the family relaxed all day at a room with lake Titicaca view. Sleep at the home of your host family, where you will find clean, comfortable accommodations in a homey and friendly atmosphere. Lunch and dinner provided by the host family.

Today you’ll have breakfast with your host family at 7am, and will then go down to the port with them to say goodbye at 7:45am.  From here you will travel about an hour to the island of Taquile.  On this island you will have a couple of hours to wander up to the Plaza de Armas, take some amazing photographs, find lunch, and make your way down the other side of the island to catch your boat.  The boat leaves from the port at 12:30pm, and arrives in Puno at 3:30pm, which ends the tour on the lake.  After your tour, you will have lots of time to explore the town of Puno before making your way down to the bus station to catch the overnight bus back to Cusco*.

*This can be modified to take you to Arequipa, Tacna, etc, possibly for an extra fee, depending on bus prices.

**Dinner suggestion: Mojsa, in the Plaza de Armas- very tasty food for a decent price, and very friendly staff.

Arrive at the bus station by 9:45 to check in for your 10:15 bus back to Cusco.  Arrive in Cusco the next morning at 5:00am. (May be different times if you’re looking to go to a different destination)

Night spent at the bus if you return to Cusco or you can also head to airport Juliaca to head to Lima. 


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