We want to be there for you, opening the paths you want to explore. We want o offer a service that will match, and hopefully exceed your investment!


Let us share our love for our country, Peru's ancient culture and constantly evolving national identity. Try our outstanding cuisine, and experience the kindness of our people, by allowing us to customize a travel itinerary built to fit your vacation time.


Hi, My name is Will. I was born in Peru, but I spent most of my life abroad. After working for thirteen years in the Major’s office in Houston, Texas, I decided to make a life change and come back to Peru.  That was 4 years ago.

Once back here, I invited friends I made in the US, Korea, and Europe, to come visit Peru.  It quickly became apparent that I really enjoyed helping them organize the logistics of their stay, finding destinations I knew they would enjoy, and most of all, showing the aspects of our culture that only a true native could.  After these friends visited, word traveled and their friends also sought help when visiting.  At this point I figured: “Why not make this my full time job?!”  Thus, on a happy day in February 2015, “Will’s Machupicchu Adventures” was born.

Our headquarters is located in Cusco (a cosmopolitan city at the crossroads of many routes within the country) and we specialize in trips to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of The Incas.  We can also connect you with many other excursions, such as Lake Titicaca or the Nazca Line.

Our staff is driven by core values of reliability, diversity and adventure. Therefore, we want to plan a trip that will fit your heart’s desire: a family-oriented trip, an off-road adventure, a cultural experience, a quiet time to relax and ponder of the challenges of life , or a chance to gain perspective – you name it.

And, as we like to say, “May this not only be a once in a lifetime experience, but an experience that  lasts a lifetime!”

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Machu Picchu Adventures

We specialize in creating itineraries of at least three days, consisting of tours, visits, accommodation and domestic flights if required. We customize your experience for your budget.

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