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Amazon Jungle Trip

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Close to the sky and surrounded by the mountains, with spectacular views of the snowcapped “Apu” Salkantay; with a beautiful views around the route, mountains, rivers, jungle, nature and more   


* If  you want to Climbing Wayna Picchu or Mountain costs $50 extra.Not available these days. please let us know as far in advance as possible, because there is 400 entrances per day and we don’t want you to miss out, the exact program, including the campsites, is subject to change, due to weather, the client’s walking ability, and other unexpected circumstances. 


  • Morning pickup from your accommodation or the airport in private car or mini-van (depending on group size) to arrive at the port town of Nanay-Bellavista. In our way there you will get a brief description of Iquitos city and some of his main attractions.
    Departure by boat from Nanay port, making a stop to see the conjuction of Nanay river and Amazon river. Continue downriver for 30 minutes enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the possibility to see river dolphins (gray and pink), herons, turtles and many other species along with spectacular flora.
  • Arrive at Fundo Pedrito preservation center to see alligators, turtles and the biggest fish of the Amazon, paiche (Arapaima Giga). You will also see the victoria amazonica plant, the biggest of the water lilies in the world.
  • Continue navigation by boat to reach the rustic-style lodge.
    Self-catering lunch made with local products, including fresh fruit juice. Vegetarian options available per request.
    Boat expedition to the Neiser animal rescue center where you will get to know and play with macaws, parrots, coatis, sloths and a wide variety of monkeys: Wooly monkey, Squirrel monkey, Spider monkey among others. You will also be able to take a close look at the largest Boa in the world, the famous Anaconda, and the prehistoric turtle, the Mata Mata.
  • Enjoy a peaceful dawn at the Amazon river, and if we are lucky see some sweetwater dolphins.
  • Dinner at lodge.
  • Nocturnal hike looking for spiders, snakes, lizards, frogs or rodents, hearing the different sounds of nocturnal animals.
  • Overnight at lodge.
  • Fresh breakfast with local fruit juice.
  • Visit to share with some members of one of the oldest indigenous groups in the Amazon, the Yahua tribe. You will get to know some of their songs and dances, practice your aim with the “cerbatana” (blow gun) and get the chance to contribute to their preservation by buying their hand-made handicrafts if you decide to do so.
  • Self-catering lunch at lodge.
  • We will take you by boat to try some artisanal piranha fishing, the way locals do it. The guide will instruct you, help you and provide you with all the equipment needed.
  • Dinner at lodge.
  • After dinner you can hear about some local tales, legends and amazonic mythology from our guide. If you prefer you can just chill in the hammocks and hear the sound of the jungle.
  • Fresh breakfast with local fruit juice.
  • We start our journey by boat to the Yanayacu ecosystem.
  • We will travel around the Yanayacu basin and immerse ourselves into the “Mirror of the Jungle” (named after the clear reflections on the water).  We will take a walking tour inside the “Kingdom of giant trees”, and if you keep attentive and carefully looking, you could find wildlife in the trees like sloths, monkeys, lizards and birds.
  • On-board lunch.
  • Boat navigation back to the lodge.
  • Lunch at lodge.
  • Overnight at lodge.
  • Fresh breakfast with local fruit juice.
  • Ethnobotanical walk through the jungle to see and learn about Amazonian plants and his relationship with the people that inhabit this place.
  • Self-catering lunch at lodge.
  • Return by boat to Nanay port and private transfer to your accommodation or the airport.

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