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Inti raymi 2022

Peruvian sun fest


An authentic expression of national identity representative of the peruvian culture and one of the biggest celebrations in Perú

We communicate with great pleasure and joy that the municipal company for the celebration and tourist promotion of Cusco (EMUFEC S.A.) announced that the process of booking and selling tickets for INTI RAYMI 2022 begins today, monday the 23th of may.

People who wish to buy their ticket can access the sales system through the following link: www.intiraymioficial.com

In addition to all of this, what is the Inti Raymi?

The inti raymi is an authentic expression of national identity representative of the peruvian culture and one of the biggest celebrations in Perú, that takes place since 1430.

This is a religious-cultural tradition, which is celebrated every winter solstice, on June 24, to worship the sun or Inti in Quechua, in order to favor the harvest and guarantee the population’s food. It is celebrated on the solstice because it is the exact moment in which the sun is at the furthest angular distance from the Earth, which means a new beginning for food harvests and an opportunity to thank the Sun God and Pachamama. (Mother Earth) for the harvests of the year that is going away, as well as asking for those that will come in this new cycle of agricultural production.

Really interesting indeed, and How is it celebrated?

Formerly the Inti Raymi lasted several days and began with the winter season. Today it is celebrated for the whole day and the ceremony lasts about 7 hours. The festivity has 3 scenarios for its development: the Qorikancha or Temple of the Sun, the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and, finally, Sacsayhuamán.

Currently we keep this festival alive through a theatrical performance full of mysticism and spirituality. This celebration is so significant for the city of Cusco that this day is declared a holiday, and consists of a massive staging representing the ceremonies. The route begins in the Qorikancha, the ancient religious center of the city of Cusco, where with dances and songs an offering is made to the Sun God.

Every year around 35,000 people go to Sacsayhuamán temple to see the staging. Around 750 to 800 actors make the staging of the Inti Raymi. Today, its main feature is the representation full of color and history of the ancient Wawa Inti Raymi ceremony, or ceremony of the sun boy.

This staging is performed by hundreds of actors with typical clothing of the Incas. The main role is played by the high priest Willaq Umo, the Inca nobility, the Inca and his wife the coya.

The Inti Raymi is considered the second largest party in South America after the Rio carnival, so if you are thinking of visiting Cusco, this is the date when the magic happens.